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5th Education PTA Summit and PTA Officers' Induction Ceremony

posted Nov 25, 2013, 5:39 PM by Eleonor Sioson

          " Goals, to be successful, great plans should be considered. Plans that serve as the keys in fulfilling the goals set. It requires strong collaboration of every individual and a great relationship towards success"

                  Our Lady of Lourdes Elementary School teachers and parents attended the 5th Education Summit and PTA Officers’ Induction Ceremony at the Emiliana Hall, Tenejero, Balanga City last July 17- 19. This was sponsored by the city government of Balanga.

            Participants of the 5th education summit were amazed and enlightened when Mayor Joet Garcia cited all his goals for the development of the city of Balanga. Some of his goals that he stressed out were; access to high quality education, excellent students facilities and amenities, conducive learning environment and ensure job opportunities through academic industry. All of these were plans are congruent or in lined with the city’s vision of becoming a world-class town for political, economic, social and cultural interaction in the Asia Pacific region by year 2020.

            Dr. Ronaldo A. Pozon, ASDS of the Division of City of Balanga, reported the status of education, wherein he gave emphasis on the result of NAT 2012-2013. According to him, our division was consistent in top 2 all over the region. He also stated that the performance indicator of public elementary pupils increased from 82 % in 2011-2012 to 84% in 2012-2013.

            This year’s education summit, focused also on character education wherein all educators in public and private schools from elementary to tertiary levels in the City of Balanga were invited to listen and develop more their ways in imparting knowledge and good traits to the learners.

            Dr. Hal Urban, author and a dynamic inspirational speaker, shared his wealth of knowledge about “Life Greatest Lessons”. Some of those lessons he discussed were about the qualities of a teacher dealing with the learners such as; a good teacher shares one special quality, a good teacher protects the atmosphere from toxic words, a good teacher nourishes the environment with kind and affirming words and a good teacher starts every class with something positive. These were the lessons he gave more emphasis about the qualities to be observed by the teachers.

            On the other hand, Dr. Fred Jones, a clinical psychologist and a doctor of philosophy imparted some ideas on how to deal with the learners. He also shared some techniques and strategies in managing classroom as well.

            It is definitely true that when everyone collaborates well and works hand in hand, chances of failure will never be met instead chances of fulfilling goals are attainable and a better tomorrow waits for everyone.