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Kindergarten upholds Mr. and Miss United Nations 2013

posted Nov 25, 2013, 9:36 PM by Eleonor Sioson

          Another fund-raising activity of the kindergarten class is Mr. and Miss U.N. 2013. It is a signature campaign wherein the proceeds will be use to put up a play area in their room so pupils can socialize more with one another and be able to show their discipline when using it.

             It was initiated last June by the HRPTA officers and the kinder adviser, Miss Blessilda Grace Tigas.

The first canvassing happened already last Sept. 23, the last canvassing is on Oct. 21 and the coronation day is on Oct. 25, wherein a parade of float will happen in the morning followed by the awarding of winners.

             Here are the candidates of the said contest.

                         Miss United Nations                                                              Mr. United Nations

            1. Kimberly Cayago                                                                           1. Kyle Clement Urat

            2. Angel Solero                                                                                  2. John Lorence Gallaza

            3. Liezel Maraño

            4. Ma. Liezel Salvador

            5. Zheinna Ibañez

            6. Ma. Therese Murillo

            7. Maicy Gayle Sibayan

             Good luck and congratulations!