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K to 12 a vital cog in education

posted Nov 25, 2013, 5:55 PM by Eleonor Sioson

     We frequently heard “K to 12”... Since its program implementation last 2012 we can’t help but be aware of it... It is now on its 2nd year... How is it going? Come and join me... Let’s understand it together.

             K to 12 programs covers Kindergarten and 12 years of basic education. Six years primary education, four years Junior high school and two years Senior high school to provide sufficient time for mastery of concepts and skills develop lifelong learners and prepares graduates for tertiary education, middle-level skills development employment and entrepreneur.

             Program implementation in public school is done in phases starting SY 2012-2013. Grade I entrants in SY 2012-2013 are the first batch to fully undergo the program.      

            K to 12 features the following:

            1. Strengthening Early Childhood Education (Universal Kindergarten)

            2. Making curriculum Relevant to Learners (Contextualization and Enhancement)

            3. Building Proficiency through Language (Mother-Tongue Based Multilingual Education)

            4. Gearing up for the Future (Senior High School)

            5. Ensuring integrated and Seamless learning (Spiral Progression)

            6. Nurturing the Holistically Developed Filipino (College & Livelihood Readiness, 21st century Skills)

            In its 2nd year of execution, the Department of Education challenged all schools to apply the guidelines on the implementation of K-12 Basic Education Curriculum (BEC). To comply with this order, the Division of City of Balanga held the simultaneous orientation/assembly regarding this matter. It was held last June 7, 2013.

            In our school, the said activity was done at the covered tent of OLLES. The mini-opening program started with a prayer led by Miss Dionne Ingaran, grade I teacher and followed by the singing of the national anthem and Balangueno Hymn conducted by Mrs. Rowena De Leon, Grade II teacher. The program won’t be complete without the welcome remarks which were delivered by the beauteous, smart and indefatigable principal of OLLES, Mrs. Lisa G. Austria.

            After the opening program, the activity proper begun and the following topics were discussed for parents to fully understand K-12.


                                    ● Design of the Curriculum/Special Program

                                    Desired outcomes of Grade 1 and 2 Program

                                    Nomenclature/Learning Area and It’s Description/Medium of Instruction

                                    Schedule of classes/Special Instructions

                                    Learning Resources/parent Support/Assessment and Rating of Leaning Outcomes

                                      Culminating Activities/Performance

            K-12 even implemented must be fully understood especially by parents, that’s why we are thankful to the parents who gave time on activities like this.