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OLLES pupils receive “Libreng School Supplies”

posted Nov 25, 2013, 6:26 PM by Eleonor Sioson

                Our Lady of Lourdes Elementary School pupils were fortunate enough to be endowed

with the free school supplies  given by the 3 Garcia’s (Mayor Joet, Cong. Tet and Gov. Abet)

last June 18, 2013.

                       This “Libreng School Supplies” was annually done, wherein the pupils were blessed to

received 4 pieces composition notebooks and 4 pencils for Kinder, 6 pieces composition

notebooks and 6 pencils for Grades I to III and 8 pieces writing notebooks and 8 ballpens for

Grades IV to VI.

                       Our city councilor, Mr. Elmo Sanchez led the distribution of the school supplies wherein

he said that the pupils’ education is one of the city’s priority that’s why free supplies are given.

                       Barangay officials, led by Mr. Marito Eulen of the Committee on Education were also

present to support the program.

                       Our school is very grateful to the 3G’s for their never-ending support and for giving

priority to the education of the children through providing school things needed for learning.

                       They do not only help the children but their parents as well.