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OLLES Sports fest 2013 beefed up

posted Nov 25, 2013, 7:01 PM by Eleonor Sioson

               Our Lady of Lourdes Elementary School propose to toughen the sports capability of the pupils that is why they launch Sports fest 2013 last September 20, wherein all pupils are asked to participate in the event.

           Intermediate pupils will compete for volleyball, chess, badminton and athletics while primary kids played “laro ng lahi”. Everybody showed how sports minded they are. Their discipline in sports was evident also and most especially, camaraderie was clearly observed.

                 When the ball starts rolling, each player for each team did their best to win, their supporters can’t help but applaud and shout to show their never-ending support, but as we already know, there will be winners and there will be losers also. And here are the lists of all the winners.

                                                 Volleyball Girls                                Team A

                                                Volleyball Boys                                Team A

                                                Chess (Grade VI)             Erick De Lumen and Jamir Illiado

                                                Chess (Grade V )              Cedric Roque, Ian Ferraro, Marco Magbag and Andy Galarce      

                                                 Badminton Boys             Ivan De Leon, Benedick Seraspi and Iam Simeon

                                                Badminton Girls              Reynalyn Bancifra, Abby Gorduez, Danica Sabian,  Jhuana Ramoneda

                                                                                Laro ng Lahi

                                                Puzzle                                  Kinder PM Session

                                                Calamansi Relay              Grade I Mangga

                                                Bottle with straw            Grade II Narra

                                                Water Relay                      Grade II Maya

                                                Calamansi Relay              Grade IV Rizal

                                                Spring Game                      Grade V Bonifacio

                It was indeed a tiring but very enjoyable day. Thank you to all the parents, teachers and pupils who joined the activity.