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posted May 10, 2011, 12:36 AM by Eleonor Sioson

New faces. Improved facilities. Intensified discipline. Higher quality of  education. More achievements.


New Faces. For the SY 2010-2011, OLLES has five new teachers who completed the 13 committed members of the teaching force, headed by Mrs. Lisa G. Austria (ESHT-III). They are Mrs. Mharychriz Molina, Mrs. Glenn Joy S. Guila (Gr.II-B), Ms. Joahna Sabado (Gr. III-A), Mr. Percival Andrade (Gr. III-B), Mrs. Marife Guanzon (Gr. IV-A),  and Mrs. Jhoanna Roque (Gr. IV-B).

           Improved Facilities. Before the school year ends, there are visible transformation to the school’s facilities. The previous small stage located at the school’s main gate had been flattened to provide wider space for entrance. The principal’s office is now moved at the previous terrace and made even better and accessible to the visitors. The school’s garden is now secured with steel fence to avoid the overflow of rainwater during rainy days. Every classroom is granted with mosquito net hang on their window. These nets were sponsored by the city health office to secure the pupils against dengue.

  Higher Quality of Education. Devoted and competent teachers plus the intensified monitoring and support of the principal minus pupils’ absenteeism has its multiplying effect to the pupils’ academic performance. Division of work is properly distributed among stakeholders resulting to balance harmony and equilibrium in workplace.

  More Achievements. The old identity of OLLES, being always at the bottom is now no longer entertained. Now, OLLES pupils have the pride to compete with other schools because of the intensified training and skills input their teachers have imparted on them. True enough because of the recent winnings of the school in different contests.

         Indeed, the new face of OLLES is something every stakeholder should be proud of. Keep it up and keep on striving for more success.